Products and services

GP Industries FZC provides competitive equipment for various oil and gas and petrochemical projects. Whether the customer is based in the Oil industry or a construction sector, GP industries FZC is able to assist clients find the right product to meet their needs.With complete dedication to the Oil & Gas and Energy industries, GP Industries FZC is providing a variety of conceivable type of supply and expertise to its clients. The company's offering of sound customer service is reciprocal by the repeat orders from reputed clients.

The company provides customized oil refining (processing) and most other industrial related machinery and equipment for organization that want to start-up a new production facility, increase production, enhance reliability and diversify operations of their projects.

Today the company caters to the Oil and Gas customer by offering a vast and varied product range in the upstream, downstream and midstream segments. By being located in the UAE with vast developed infrastructure and a market place of large international companies, GP Industries FZC holds a distinct advantage to ensure the prompt delivery of materials so as to cater to the urgent requirement of certain clients. The company's clientele comprises some of the largest Oil and Gas corporations in major international, regional as well as in the national landscape in UAE.

Machinery and Equipment Products & Services


The product range at GP Industries comprises

  • Reactors,
  • Vessels,
  • Heat exchangers

Equipment for various services including

  • high-pressure,
  • high-temperature,
  • hydrogen service,
  • cryogenic application, etc.

The equipment GP Industries offers includes:

  • Multi wall reactors,
  • 'Pacol' and 'Hydro bon' reactors,
  • Polypropylene and Polyethylene reactors,
  • Transfer line and ultra-sensitive exchangers and continuous polymer-ization reactors / finishers,
  • Methanol converters,
  • Heli-towers,
  • Bayonet-type heat exchangers,
  • Screw-plug exchangers
  • And a range of high pressure heat exchangers and pressure vessels and equipment for cryogenic application.

GP Industries offers all critical machinery and equipment for refineries and gas cracker plants. The Company's product offering includes

high pressure, high temperature reactors like hydrocrackers, DHDT & DHDS reactors for 'clean fuel' projects, and other critical equipment. These are manufactured in various grades of low alloy steels (including Cr–Mo-Vanadium) of clad or overlaid construction. GP Industries has the qualifications and vast experience in carrying out single-layer and double-layer overlay of equipment. Reactor internals are generally fabricated in-house and also assembled in reactors as per customer requirements.

GP Industries continues to supply reactors and regenerators to the specifications of well-known process licensors, with supplies of regenerators of large sizes.

Oil and Gas

GP Industries offers all critical equipment and systems for oil & gas projects. The Company is geared and qualified to take up the challenge of manufacturing the futuristic gas-to-liquid reactors for the oil & gas sector, in addition to traditional products such as test and production separators

Typical Machinery and Equipment GP Industries includes:

  • Automated Shot Blasting Machines for Structural Steel (Fabrication & Raw),Piping & Plates, 2D and 3D Spool
  • Vacuum Shot Blasting
  • Air Compressors Diesel/Electrical
  • Single Component Airless Spray Pumps
  • Plural Component Airless Spray Pumps
  • Frame Steel Scaffolds
  • Portable Blasting Machines
  • Thermal Spray Machine
  • Water Inject Sand Blasting Equipment
  • All other conventional equipments for surface preparation & coating
  • Hydras
  • Cranes
  • Forklift

Drilling Machinery and Equipment Services

Drilling Equipment and services

  • Directional drilling.
  • MWD tools, Directional tools.
  • Mudlogging Services.
  • Casing running.
  • Drilling bits, both Rock & PDC

Drilling Rigs

  • Co-operation with drilling rigs manufactures.
  • Drilling supervisors, engineers, and drilling crew for hire.
  • Spare parts for rigs, short time.


  • Good cooperation with well known transporters.
  • Specializing in the Middle Eastern markets./li>

New Technology

  • Carrying solutions from small manufactures.
  • Subsea solution.
  • Down hole camera.
  • Subsea alarms for gas.

Lost Circulation Healing

  • One of the best lost circulation healing systems in the oil field.
  • Applicable in most lost circulation situations, without harm to.


  • Directional and anti-collision calculations.
  • Well path optimization.
  • Relief well.