Mission Statement

As a Industrial plant and equipment manufacturer, the GP Industries FZC aspires to become one of the leading regional companies providing high quality machinery and equipment, with the added service of efficient installation and trading services. The company aims to expand its product offering not only to clients in the MENA and local Asian regions, but beyond to wider geographical regions.


GP Industries FZC offers a full-line of equipment and machinery supplies for Oil industry, as well as individual machines, equipment packages, spare parts, and a full range of associated plant services. The firm is focused on creating strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, within the entire organization, in order to establish professional, trustworthy, and efficient partnerships. GP Industries FZC long-term vision is to be a customer-focused equipment supplier and service company, providing environmentally friendly technologies to the cement industry. The key elements of the company's vision include:

  • A worldwide corporate culture of operational excellence and commitment.
  • Demonstrating social responsibility and technical leadership in the industry by further developing our position as a leading supplier of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Constantly growing and improving our customer-focused sales approach.
  • Capitalizing on the firms existing market position in emerging markets via our global view.
  • Continuing to develop a service offering, in order to reduce the cyclicality of the business, and improve the sustainability of earnings.
  • Broadening product offering via strategic partnerships.